I translate from English into Dutch. I worked as a translator for SDI Media Netherlands (formerly known as Subtitling International) from 1999 to 2003. I currently work for Softitler (DVD translations). See the picture below to get an idea of the software I use.
Here are a few programs that I translated that are worth watching and will surely be repeated in the future.

Kendo’s Gruelling Challenge: The 120 second Test of Spirit

This was a documentary for The National Geographic Channel about the popular Japanese Martial Art called Kendo, which makes use of bamboo sticks to simulate the swordfighting of Japan’s turbulent past. One of the most difficult tests in Kendo is the examination for 8th degree black belt. This documentary follows the trails of several candidates and focuses on the philosophy behind the art.

The Legend of Grey Owl

This is a documentary by the Discovery Channel about a man called Archie Belaney who was born and raised in Hastings, England. At a young age he was already very interested in Native Americans. At age 19 he headed for Canada where he came into contact with several Native American tribes. This led to him marrying a Native American woman. They both lived in the wild. Later Archie began writing books with a environmentalist content long before the term itself was coined and appeared in films for the Canadian National Park Service to promote care for the environment. In his books he claimed to be half Apache and stated that his name was Grey Owl. His books became bestsellers. He even gave a lecture to the British royal family in 1911. In his later years he became a heavy drinker. He died at age 37 in 1936. Only after his death did the press reveal the story of his faked identity.

Nelson Mandela’s Long Road to Freedom, part 2

This is the second part of a two part series for the Discovery Channel about the life of the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This part covers his imprisonment on Robbeneiland, his release and his marriage in later life.

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life

This was an assignment for a channel called Innergy. Alan Watts (1915-1973) was one of the first people to make Eastern philosophy and religion intelligible to the Western world. Alan Watts was a famous author, poet, lecturer and sixties hero. He had his own TV-show in the USA in the sixties. I translated four episodes of this series about death, the silent mind, pain and reincarnation. Although they are in black and white, this is excellent material for those who would like to familiarize themselves with Eastern thought.

If you have any questions about my job or are looking for a translator of materials pertaining to any of the subjects on this website or other, feel free to drop me a line.

Below: at work and further down below: an example of the software I use for translating.

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